A training workshop for faculty members on modern educational technologies

By: Mona Abdullah

University of Science and Technology implemented the first basic training workshop for faculty members for the year 2023 related to the use of modern technologies in higher education where 40 members attended the workshop under supervision of Dr. Tawfeeq Al Zaki director of training and professional development center. Dr. Tawfeeq described the workshop as one of a training series workshops related to the use and utilization of modern educational technologies in teaching and training as per directives of UST president, Dr. Al Moataz Mohammad Ahmed Al Birair, and within the framework of training and professional development department plan, as well as the department interest in developing abilities and skills of the university professors. He pointed out that the university’s history in this regard is rich of various achievements since its establishment such as developing teaching methods, keeping pace with latest development of modern technologies use and methods of e-learning and virtual education.

For his part, Eng. Muzhaffar Ghazi, Director of Digital Content, provided a lengthy explanation and the practical use modern e-learning technologies that are of three elements of assignments and homework, electronic exams, and updating the university electronic platform, stressing continuation of such training workshops  for faculty members to include all university professors. He added that UST through its progress towards globalization and dissemination of modern culture, helped in creating an electronic society capable of keeping pace with the latest developments as well as developing curricula and programs using up to date technologies.