Dentistry at UST resumes school health program

By: Ghada Ahmed Othman

Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Science and Technology has resumed school health program as part of the university’s strategic vision of community partnership. According to Dr. Ahmed Youssef, a pediatric dentistry specialist at the University Teaching Dental Hospital, the partnership comes in cooperation with the Department of Oral & Dental Health at the Ministry of Health, Khartoum State, where groups of fourth-year students of Faculty of Dentistry resumed the program that will last for a week under supervision of Dr. Wissam Omar and participation of lecturers and teaching assistants at the college.

Dr. Ahmed Youssef said that the project will target students in the second, fourth and sixth grades at six basic schools in Karary locality. Students will be medically examined and transferred to the college clinics for cases that need treatment or preventive medical care. Students will also be provided with intensive educational doses on the importance of caring for oral and dental health through tooth brushing, toothpicks, and healthy food. It is to be noted that the school program has resumed for the sixth time after a break that lasted throughout Corona pandemic time.