Royal Care Hospital emergency center inauguration

International Royal Care Hospital announced inauguration of a modern emergency center with international standards. The inauguration was by Federal Minister of Health and the Governor of Khartoum and presence of a group of medical cadres, officials and representatives of diplomatic corps.

Chairman of Board of Directors and President of the University of Science and Technology, Dr. Al Moataz Mohammad Ahmed Al Birair, said that the experience of Royal Care Hospital was frightening to be established in one of the least developed countries as it was a risky one, but they mobilized all possibilities for its success with international specifications and with ambitious younger generations, considering them as basis for success because they formed an integrated family. He added it provides distinguished medical services, and patients are considered on basis of humanity, explaining that the hospital received the injured of the December revolution in the hundreds not on political but humanitarian basis. Also, during Corona pandemic, the hospital allocated a floor for its staff infected with Covid19 as a result of their contact with patients, from here he pointed, came the idea of ​​establishing an emergency department with international specifications.

Dr. Al Birair revealed an upcoming deployment of Royal Care Hospital in Khartoum localities and states to relieve citizens, announcing the opening of an oncology department at the end of this year as they will benefit from scientific research at the University of Science and Technology UST in developing Royal Care Hospital, indicating that the hospital is designed for thirteen floors, accommodating 1,000 patients and they are working to activate medical tourism so that Royal Care Hospital will be one of the great hospitals in Africa.

Governor of Khartoum, Ahmed Othman, expressed his happiness at the opening of an emergency department at Royal Care Hospital, explaining that the state has concluded Khartoum Development Conference, which indicated that there is a gap in services, on top of which are medical services in government hospitals in terms of quantity and quality, and it was filled through private sector hospitals.  Therefore, their hands are extended to every initiative and welcome everyone wants to provide tangible services, stressing that the gap is large in all services, and institutions need to be developed as to provide fast and adequate services and reduce costs with the joint efforts of both public and private sectors.

Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, added that Royal Care Hospital had the credit for developing emergency medicine strategies in Sudan, explaining that medical emergencies are economically demanding and there is no investment return behind them, praising Royal Care Hospital not only as a five-star hospital, but rather a global hospital based on quality and qualified cadres through training center that contributes to stability of medical cadres by providing modern equipment, explaining that migration of medical cadres has affected the health sector, appreciating establishment of the tumor center as radiotherapy is a problem for them where hospitals treat only 60% of patients.