The Departments of Training and Professional Development and Graduates implement a training course on (self-development and time management)

UST departments of Training & Professional Development and Alumni implemented a training course on (Self-development & Time Management)

Khartoum; Bakri Khiddir

Department of training and professional development at UST in collaboration and coordination with alumni Department have implemented a training course about (Self-development and time management) at the Great Hall, Knowledge City at the Engineering Studies Complex, attended by trainees and those concerned. Dr. Tawfeeq Al Zaki, director of training and professional development dept, said the course came as part of their department monthly training plan in collaboration with alumni dept which set the training needs and that the course adjectives came in context of linking alumni with their university (UST) and providing services that confirm the depth and continuation of that relationship within the framework of the University”s social responsibilities.
Dr. Yassir Yosef, UST alumni dept manager, stated that the course objectives focus on supporting alumni with the how of self-esteem as key element for palanced personality that capable of leading itself towards progress and achieving success and acquiring life skills that result in positive self-esteem. He also explained that self-management as key objective of the course depends on 12 practical steps to achieve self-development as well as knowing the values of time, punctuality, self-trust and learning how to develop one’s cabilities to solve problems. It is to be noted that the training course lasts for 4 days.