An agreement between UST and Arab Center for Entrepreneurship

By: Mona Abdullah

The University of Science and Technology signed a partnership contract with the Bahrain based Arab Center for Entrepreneurship with presence of Minister of Investment, Dr. Ahlam Madani Mahdi. President of UST, Dr. Al Moataz Mohammed Ahmed Al Birair confirmed that he attaches great importance to the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, considering it a pillar of the strategic plan for UST4, indicating that UST is moving steadily towards globalization. He added that the university pays attention to social responsibility and youth through its experts, researchers in and scientific research for supporting entrepreneurship as the center is led by younger researchers with entrepreneurial ideas.

He also revealed projects that the university will soon implement number of projects using solar energy, which will be owned by young people and workers as to benefit them, with the aim of exploding energies and ideas and creating a new vision that makes everyone productive and to be qualified for international organizations. As For her part, Minister of Investment, Dr. Ahlam Madani, described the role of Dr. Al Moataz Al Birair Center for Entrepreneurship as of an important role in industrial development and social responsibility and in achieving development goals through creating job opportunities and contributing to exports and imports which requires providing financing, equipping infrastructure, and reducing taxes.

She disclosed that the ministry had established an entrepreneurship unit since 2010 in collaboration with United Nations Industrial Development Organization, describing it as a mighty unit that contributed greatly to entrepreneurship and innovation in all parts of Sudan, preparing cadres and providing technical support to innovation centers, business incubators, research centers, higher education institutions, ministries, employers and youth groups, in addition to providing a supportive environment within small and medium enterprises and that the Ministry launched an  initiative to develop local federations through innovation in cooperation with United Nations organizations. It is to be noted that Al Birair Center had concluded a training course for qualifying trainers in entrepreneurship that lasted for three days.