UST reveals a plan using modern technologies to secure buildings

By: Ghada Ahmed Othman.

The University of Science and Technology revealed a plan to improve security of the university’s buildings using modern monitoring technologies. Director of Security and Safety Department, Alwaleed Hamad Harran, said that UST administration represented by the university president and his two deputies pay great attention to safety measures in order to preserve lives of students and workers and the university property, explaining that the administration is of several departments, the most important of which is the safety department, which includes members of the civil defense who received advanced training in extinguishing fires, securing electricity and gas depots as well as devices used for safety operations.

Harran said that department’s members are at the entrances and receptions to control movement and entry of visitors to the university, pointing to the existence of regulations governing their relationship with students.  With regard to procedures they take regarding violations, he said we are not the party that is held them accountable, rather we refer it to the Deanship of Student Affairs for taking approved regulations regarding violation. He explained that most of their department members worked in Criminal Investigation, Civil Defense units, police units such as Passports, Traffic and Civil Registry, given that they have expertise in the art of dealing with the public through their previous work.

Harran said that Security and Safety Department finds respect from UST community of students, employees, and workers, attributing that to not exceeding their mission limits and maintaining a space for respect, indicating that their department will witness in the coming period great developments in the field of using modern technologies and qualifying currently working cadres through training courses in dealing with public and civil protection work. He also explained that their department has a football team that participates in sports competitions with colleges, considering that as a kind of art of dealing with the public through sport.