An agreement with Oqab engineering company for modernizing UST civil engineering laboratories

Khartoum: Bakri Khader

The University of Science and Technology administration has concluded an agreement with the Oqab engineering company to maintain, update and calibrate civil engineering department laboratories’ equipment as to supplement deficiencies according to modern engineering standards. This came within the framework of UST administration plans for developing academic field, postgraduate programs, scientific research, as well as linking theoretical aspects with practical application, while continuing to renew and modernize facilities and buildings especially within the engineering complex.

The company conducted its inspections practically by visiting all Civil Engineering Department laboratories (the concrete plant, soil laboratory, fluids laboratory, road and transport laboratory, in addition to the surveying laboratory). Head of the department, Dr.  Akram Abbas indicated that the department’s leadership had previously submitted a request to the university administration for maintaining equipment of the civil engineering department’s laboratories, praising their prompt response by the agreement signed with Oqab engineering company which in turn started work on the ground by visiting all the department’s laboratories. He added that civil engineering laboratories at UST will be ready for their students and students at other universities in this regard, and that calibration according to modern standards will enable the department to host any engineering companies in the local market to conduct any tests at UST civil engineering laboratories and to be as beacon of engineering for the city of Omdurman.