British education accredits UST medical engineering bachelor’s degree

By: Bakri Khader

British Education (UKENIC) approved the medical engineering certificate of the University of Science and Technology for a bachelor’s degree with the same credit hours and course and considered it equivalent to (the sixth level in Britain, tenth level in Scotland and sixth level in Wales).  Dr. Elias Siddiq Muhammad, Head of Medical Engineering Department at the University of Science and Technology, described the step of accreditation as a deserved achievement and success which he indicated came as result of tremendous efforts by the wise university administration and its serious endeavour to keep abreast of developments at all levels and linking UST with the latest developments in the field of science and technology at the first world level.

He also praised efforts of those in charge at College of Engineering leadership, and he especially thanked Dr. Muhammad Al-Bashir Mustafa who laid the foundation for the Department of Medical Engineering at UST. He said this success, thanks to God and thanks to the founder of the Department of Medical Engineering, Dr.  Muhammad Al-Bashir Mustafa, calling at the same time the university administration of more support for the Department of Medical Engineering to achieve more successes and maintain the pioneering level, given that the university is a pioneer in the field of medical engineering in Sudan.

It is to be noted that the holder of medical engineering major from any other country is subject to supplementary courses for the equivalency in Britain, but the Bachelor of Medical Engineering of the Sudanese UST was approved without any additions or complementary courses.