College of Administrative Sciences receives its new students

Khartoum: Mona Abdullah

University of Science and Technology announced its transformation from a local to a global and regional university after being ranked first at the private universities level and fourth at Sudanese national universities level. Dean of Administrative Sciences College, Professor Bakri Al-Tayeb Musa, confirmed that during an enlightening program at the college for new students accepted for (2023-2022) indicating that new students need to focus on the college slogan of (a creative graduate does not search for the labour market, but creates it) and called on them to keep diligence and perseverance as to achieve their practical and scientific goals in the future.

For his part, Vice Dean of the College, Dr.  Al Waleed confirmed UST transformation describing College of Science and Administration as distinguished among its cohorts from other university colleges. He said that the college has the best professors and administrators, and they represent a family that works as one system in providing academic, social and cultural self-help, and wishing them excellence and success to the elevation of college, themselves and their country as they are the leaders of the next stage. Head of Administration Department, Issa Daw Al-Bayt, added that education in all countries of the world ends at the secondary stage and the university stage is optional, as they are responsible for themselves at this stage to reach the goal, noting that there is no difference between any of the departments in the college in terms of cooperation, coordination, management and solidarity.

Mudassir Mubarak, Head of the Academic Office and Examinations, noted that the office is concerned with all academic affairs in the college. It presents tasks, regulations, and laws with respect for those concerned in a way that highlights their sense of belonging and pride. He said that the current batches are fortunate as they witness converting the general bachelor’s degree into a bachelor’s degree with honours, which entails academic and behavioural regulations, and divides them into 5 groups and each group have an academic supervisor.

Director of Dr. Al Moataz Al Birair Center for Entrepreneurship, Atef Awad, pointed out that one of the advantages of UST3 is being the first in establishing centres of entrepreneurship and that the centre requires desire, ability and the achievement of success that leads to raising students’ abilities and qualifying them through training workshops and teaching to be a different graduate from other universities. Also, the first in providing English language courses before the start of the academic year.

Coordinator of Informatics Department, Yasser Ahmed Saad, confirmed that UST provided additional educational services for students besides traditional education, which is e-learning (supportive education) which works to transfer all lectures electronically on the university’s electronic portal) as to ease communication between faculty and students pointing out that students registered in administration and accounting majors were divided into 5 groups, and English language into 3 groups. He also provided a full explanation of how to enter the platform, where he said that the university provided a Wi-Fi network available at a specific time for students promising students of holding courses in computer applications.

Director of Language Center at UST, Wael Khojaly, presented an enlightenment about the centre’s role in serving students as one of the basics of modern education through its excellence, creativity, and competition amongst countries of the world. He said that the English courses work to qualify the student with required diligence and perseverance. Ms. Manal Al-Amin, representing office of Student Affairs, said that the office is open for students to help and provide them with all needed assistance through developing creativity whether it is poetry, literature, declamation, singing, or any other creations, as they are a link between them and the university like a sympathetic mother by guiding them to avoid negative matters and focus on positives.