Civil Engineering Department of UST implements a surveying camp in and at neighbourhoods surrounding the university

Reported by: Ghada Ahmed Othman

Students of Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Science and Technology UST implemented a surveying camp inside students’ complexes and the surrounding neighbourhoods to provide services to citizens. Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Dr. Akram Abbas, said that the surveying camp for this year is different from the previous one which was carried out outside the university.  He said that UST administration has provided all required devices and equipment to keep pace with engineering work, maintenance of old equipment in the laboratory and calibration of all devices to keep pace with the size of the survey work of the camp which 5th year students have been involved in since yesterday and will continue until next week.  He said that the annual training camp for students is considered a basic requirement of the Engineering Council to obtain the engineering number, in addition to being an important applied training for civil engineering students. He noted that this year’s camp is different from the previous years as students are implementing all required projects within the various university’s buildings in addition to community service for areas surrounding it in cooperation with the Karary locality.  He also emphasized their readiness and full welcome of civil engineering and surveying engineering students from other universities to carry out their camps and they are ready to support them with an integrated team works of professors and modern work equipment.

Hardware completion

For his part, Professor Eng. Omar Abdel-Meguid, assistant professor at the college, explained that their laboratory is complete with required devices that can implement the projects as identified by the university, indicating that they have implemented three projects with seven groups, namely: three road groups, two detailed groups, and two groups for contour projects. He said that the contour and detailing projects were done inside the university, while the road projects outside of it at AL MAdaris street, the road linking the university street and even behind Al-Amal National Hospital, indicating that these projects take a period of four days and two days for office work inside the university.

The Camp’s benefits

In interviews with the students, engineer Ahmed Amir, at the 5th level, said that the university provided all required equipment and provided them with a lot of information that was absent from them, and his colleague Hossam El-Din Othman agreed with that as well adding that what they accomplish finds follow-up and attention from the supervisors, describing the equipment of good quality. Abdel Moneim Ahmed Othman, 5th year, described the civil engineering camp for this year as distinguished and advanced and considered as a qualitative and developmental leap for the university, noting that previous year’s camps were taking place at Karary University, but this time takes place inside and outside UST, adding that it is of great benefit to the university environment and its surroundings. Student Ali Farah Saleh praised efforts and support of UST administration and the department alike for providing modern equipment that of excellent impact that was reflected in students’ practical performance inside the camp.

Student Al Tayeb Mohammed replied that this year’s camp was distinguished as it focused on courses offered free of charge by UST and the camp was a review of the courses they received. He also praised efforts of the head and professors of the department and their support for the students. Student Omar Ahmed Amma agreed with others that this year’s space camp came with additions in terms of road planning, network analysis, and route identification in the context and focuses on the internal and surrounding environment of the university including streets, roads, drains and natural obstacles.