Egyptian Ambassador at UST .. An extraordinary visit

By: Ghada Ahmed Osman.

The Egyptian Ambassador in Khartoum, Hani Salah, visited the University of Science and Technology and was received by the University President, Dr. Al Moataz Mohammed Ahmed Al Birair as well as deans of various UST faculties.  Deanship of students’ affairs had set a program where students’ artistic and poetic talents were highlighted, which in turn caught the ambassador’s attention praising Egyptian students levels.

Eternal ties

President of UST, Dr.  Al Birair on his part described the university as an extension of the eternal relations between the two Nile Valley peoples, while receiving the Egyptian ambassador in office renewing his pride of UST obtaining the first place amongst private Sudanese universities in the latest classification, stressing his keenness to keep UST development as well as the distinguished relations between Khartoum and Cairo.

He said that what he offered as grants for them came as recognition of the Egyptian support in educating dozens of Sudanese in various Egyptian universities, and that it is necessary to return the favor. He added that he looks forward to the Egyptian students being the best ambassadors upon their return to their country, presenting a historical background and reference to the depth of relations with Egypt in particular.  With regard to family side he pointed out that his uncle, Ali Al Birair, had offered funding scholarships for Sudanese students in Egypt, but his request was rejected by the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, as King Farouk approved his request and granted him the title (Al-Bakwiyyah), adding that he is proud of Egypt and that the past history is reflected in the present.  Therefore, UST is considered as an extension of that strong relationship as there are seven hundred Egyptian students studying at UST for the time being.

Egyptian diplomacy

For his part, the Egyptian ambassador to Khartoum, Hani Salah, praised the generosity and morality of UST president thanking him for the free scholarships for Egyptian students, adding that UST has a good reputation, praising the great support the university provides towards its professors. He said that this is the right message that universities should present to their respective societies as appreciation of university professors is the first step to achieve that.  The Egyptian ambassador also advised his country’s students to make the necessary effort to achieve excellence, and said that reaching the summit requires real effort, and that a scientist like Ahmed Zewail, for example, won the Nobel Prize for his diligence, as it is not that difficult repeating that scientific achievement, he described university stage as a fertile period for any student, saying that awards do not descend from the sky, but rather are result of a great cumulative work.

He said that you have a great man working for the interest of the two brotherly countries, and you are fortunate to be with him as head of the university, calling on students to invest every minute they have at the university in learning different hobbies, sports and reading Qur’an, praising the Egyptian medical student Nawal for her good recitation and eloquence in the language and the soundness of her tongue predicting her  with a bright future, adding that reading Qur’an benefits the student religiously, culturally and refines them. His Excellency, Ambassador, also revealed their intention to organize a forum for both sides through an agreement between ministries of higher education in the two countries, after the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday, and that it is the first time that Egyptian singers will participate in a huge celebration to be hosted by UST.

Stable and calm climate

Medical student Mohamed Abdel-Moamen in a speech on behalf of his Egyptian colleagues said that Sudan is still a good neighbor and that the relations, past and present, will remain distinguished, recalling that Sudan has always been a blessing to Egypt and its supporter, thanking His Excellency Ambassador for the visit, and extending thanks to UST president, Dr. Al Birair describing him as keen to provide a calm and stable atmosphere for students.