Head of Chemical Engineering Department in a dialogue

By: Bakri Khader

Professor Ibrahim Hassan Al-Amin, Head of Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Science and Technology UST, provided extensive statements about the concept of chemical engineering as a specialization, its importance to society and the state, the industries where chemical engineering is involved, and the latest developments in the field. in addition to the future of students majored in the field in the labor market and projects where graduates of the department participated.  He also provided advice of great importance to applicants interested in studying chemical engineering as a specialization, so to the dialogue:

What is the importance of chemical engineering specialization and as a science for state and society?

It is an engineering science concerned with design and development of all industrial processes. Chemical engineering is used in all aspects of life, such as mineral production, and it is also involved in the food and soap industry.

What does it mean to study chemical engineering?

It is concerned with the design, operation and construction of mechanisms and stations that perform reactions and employ physics, chemistry and mathematics to produce new materials.

What are industries that rely on chemical engineering?

It is involved in many industries including but not limited to petroleum and its derivatives such as lubricating oils and others, pharmaceutical industries, plastics industry, food industries, soap and dyes industry, in addition to fertilizers and others.

What fields are supervised by chemical engineers?

A chemical engineer can work in any practical engineering or industrial field, such as production of petroleum derivatives, production of medicines, as well as many industries that require the presence of a chemical engineer whether in the new construction phase and in the operation and follow-up phase.

What contributions of your department as leadership or graduates into state’s institutions and projects?

Graduates of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Science and Technology UST participated in graduation projects of improving many industries and submitting proposals for many factories. Many graduates also established and developed factories such as the Kambal soap factory and the plastic industry; also many of our graduates are working in Al jelly refinery.

Back to the specialization, are chemical engineering operations limited to (grinding) only?

There is a misconception that chemical engineering is limited to (grinding), while it includes (design and innovation for various processes, calculations of materials required and produced for factories, development of atomic science, finding new ways to manufacture different products, making processes more efficient, in addition to that it is also concerned with the field of environment and reducing environmental impact of factories as well effective engineering control of all industrial operations.

What is chemical design?

It is one of the most important fields in chemical engineering, which is the study of the equations necessary to design the various devices important in industrial operations, such as reactors, separators, heating and cooling devices, and all devices in industries.

What are countries with the most job opportunities for a chemical engineer?

All industrial countries especially ones that produce petroleum its derivatives such as the Gulf States and other countries as well.

What future of chemical engineering in Sudan?

The more Sudan develops in the areas of industries and areas of finding energy alternatives to preserve the environment, the greater the role of the chemical engineer in this.

What requirements need to be met for studying chemical engineering major?

The applicant for the specialization must be able to master chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and desire to expand his knowledge in these sciences, and he must also strengthen his English language because all materials and references are available in English only.

What are the latest developments in chemical engineering field?

Latest developments include those of atom science, nanotechnology, and environmentally friendly alternative energies, as well as industrial waste treatment and reuse.