International Students: This is why we chose UST

By: Mona Abdullah

Egyptian students at the University of Science and Technology UST, said that they do not feel any sort of alienation or discrimination amongst Sudanese society where they live during their studies at UST or in areas of their residence. They described their stay as Egyptian students, they are the most numerous and the most comfortable in Sudan attributing that to the historical ties that unite the two countries and the similarity of customs and traditions as well as eternity of Egyptian presence in Sudan. Therefore, Department of Publication and Information at UST took advantage of the Egyptian ambassador’s visit to the university campus and his meeting with his country’s students .. and conducted the following survey

UST Characteristics:

Student Ahmed Al-Assiouti, Faculty of Medicine, third level, said that the University of Science and Technology is considered one of the most universities of Egyptian students, due to the proximity of the two countries in terms of geography and the convergence of customs and traditions.  From academic aspect there are all facilities, well equipped labs that support students’ academic achievement adding that the morgue has the greatest role and importance in the practical study because it represents the theoretical training needed.

Al-Asyuti also added that they have groups on social networking sites with university students, whose exceeds 730 students, with the aim of serving students and helping them academically, and learning about exam methods and questions in addition to videos and lectures. He said that they contribute through these groups to solving problems related to students and providing appropriate housing. Al-Asyuti presented a proposal that there be a private residence for the university near the faculties crowded with expatriates, in order to preserve time, effort and mutual benefit.

Regularity of study

Ahmed Abdel Aziz, a first-level information technology student, said that UST is considered one of the most regular universities in the study, and that it has a library where all references and research related to the study are available, in addition to the prepared classrooms. Therefore, UST has become a destination for students from different countries, especially since Sudan does not impose strict restrictions on residence for foreigners and organizes the foreign presence in accordance with the provisions of the law and international agreements, in addition to the cost of living, which is relatively low compared to many countries in the region and personal freedoms.

My dream came true

Student Muhammad Abdullah Mustafa,  third level of human medicine, described UST as a way to life and represents for him the dream that came true by the will of Almighty Allah, appreciating what UST offers in terms of study, social and cultural aspects, and mutual cooperation with classmates, and he added that his ambition is to develop in his field as to serve the sick and the needy.

I switched to UST for this reason

Nawal Salah Abu Shafisha,  4th  level of human medicine, said that she is from the city of Tanta, and she had joined a Sudanese university other than UST, but after coming to Sudan, she found that the University of Science and Technology is the best, and therefore she chose it for its quality certificates, its stimulating and qualifying scientific environment, regularity of study, and its concern with student activities. She added that UST has a library that contains all needed references for different academic study stages referring to the concerted efforts and contracting them globally for scientific research and that she hopes to achieve success, progress and join the British-American Fellowship.

Collaboration between professors and students

Islam Fawzy Communications Engineering Level 1 agreed with his colleague Karam Sharif, Faculty of Medicine, Level 2, on that there is cooperation between students and professors, in addition to availiability of advanced means for study as to graduate a distinguished student from all aspects whether scientific, social, and cultural ones, and that all these qualities are considered a good opportunity attract many expatriates students to study at UST especially those specialize in engineering and medicine. From social point of view, they indicated that Sudanese and Egyptians are brothers since ancient times, and the similarity of customs and traditions made it much easier to interact with each other. Muhammad Mahmoud, 2end level human medicine, explained that the excellent reputation of UST and its accredited certificate by Ministry of Higher Education is a great incentive for Egyptians to join it, noting that he did not face any problem in Sudan and feel pride, love, peace with no difficulty in the study subjects, and he prefers to writing and refer to library as Sudanese students do, adding I did not hear anyone describe me as a foreigner.