Graduation projects for Architecture and Urban Engineering’s students, an implementable ideas

Report: Bakri Khader

The committee for discussing students’ graduation projects of Architecture and Urban Engineering department at the University of Science and Technology for this year described it as distinguished as it presented a different development project and designs of a high degree of magnificence – according to the external examiners – and the projects dealt with architectural and urban sites linked to the reality of Sudanese cities with focus on development, tourism and investment projects that meet the needs inside the country as well as outside needs, and some of them were approved for application on the ground, the graduates of the department succeeded earlier in implementing a number of projects inside Sudan, in particular at the capital Khartoum, and some of them implemented projects outside Sudan where one of the graduates participated in the construction of Burj Khalifa in the UAE, that success was a catalyst to stand on graduation projects of the 2022-2023 batch students in particular the most important projects.

Sudanese Museum:

The fifth-year student, Samah Abdel Rahman, said that she designed her project on the idea of ​​the Sudanese yard, and that her graduation project is called (the Sudanese National Museum) that to include the environment of the Jebel Marra tourist area and Al-Bajrawiya in the embodiment of Sudanese National Museum. She said that her idea was based on the fact that the National Museum did not accommodate all the archaeological and heritage areas in Sudan, in particular, areas that were discovered recently and considered it as an opportunity to re-examine the Sudanese heritage and expand the method of preserving and displaying it pointing out that this would be of interest to her in the future, according to the fact that the study she conducted doubled her information and made her feel the need to absorb the new discoveries in the National Museum that represents an ancient history.

Physiotherapy resort:

The student, Khaled Awad Allah Muhammad Salih, added that his graduation project was a model of a physiotherapy resort project. The project is to enhance nature as an outlet for people to rid them of their worries and burdens of daily life through natural and physical therapy. He said that the resort consists of (5) floors and a number of (chalets) for recreation and rest. He chose the Red Sea region as a site for the establishing the resort, whose idea is based on the establishment of an integrated medical city, and he considered that the state of the Red Sea is qualified for the project as it is a tourist area and has excellent infrastructure, explaining that most countries have begun to think about establishing medical cities with physiotherapy. His project has absorbed the psyche of the Sudanese people and foreigners as well through a good distribution.

Space technology:

The student Abu Bakr Anas Babiker said that he was interested in space technology and astronomy and considered it as a title for his project. He identified Nile Street, east of the presidential villas, as the location for his project. He was inspired by the design of the (Big Bang) and designed the project to take the character of the planets and its center is the sun, and he relied on the symbol of infinity as a philosophy for designing his project. It is noticeable that all designs required to prepare projects are met according to the required standards on which any graduation project is evaluated starting from the reception, places of providing services, rooms, gates, entrances, exits, drainage, emergency exits, and extinguishing fires.

Developing the Department:

The head of the department, Dr. M. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Qarib Allah, said that the students of the department have distinguished projects, including paintings and drawings, and they contain reports of various projects for jobs designed by students, and this is very useful in advancing the process of development and community service now and in the future, indicating that in the Department of Architecture and Urbanism they have a vision to develop the it into a separate college  in the name of architecture and urbanism and as well as their strategy to develop curricula, in particular computer studies, and planning to introduce some new programs to develop the department to bring about an innovative leap.